Our History

Founded in 2001, Astu Enjera Plc is one of the largest injera producing companies in Ethiopia. ASTU boasts on its ability to produce high-quality 100% Teff injera in large quantities. The company is dedicated to quality, service, and safety. Today, Astu has the capacity to produce 100,000 injera per day. Started with a staff of just ten people, the company has grown to its current form which consists of over 100 employees operating in two production sites and within two distribution channels. ASTU directly control the entire production process from the initial Teff procurement to baking the injera. We follow strict hygienic and quality control standards and produce the best quality injera and dirkosh. We produce the best grade one Magna (white teff injera) as well as grade one red teff injera. Over ninety percent of the company’s products are sold through our two food service outlets in Addis Ababa, and the remainder is sold in supermarkets and grocery stores. Produced on state of-the-art equipment, baked, and fresh-frozen, each of Astu Enjera is made from scratch, with 100 % Teff having homemade taste and appearance. Over the years and thanks to the growing customer appreciation for the products – Injera and Dirkosh, Astu is expanding all over the city. Today, you will get ASTU Enjera over 40 stores and 50 groceries throughout the city.

Benefits of Teff

Teff comes with many benefits; some of which include
• High protein content
• Gluten-free
• Low sodium
• Low fat

Nutrition Content

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